Coral Investment Partners, L.P. maintains separate criteria for public portfolio companies and private companies seeking to effect a reverse merger with one of portfolio companies.

Private Company Reverse Merger Criteria:

  • Business Plan:  We would like to see a business plan on your company or evidence of operations and that you know what your doing.
  • No Prior Management Regulatory Issues:  We absolutely require that all the management personnel of any private company considered for a reverse merger with one our portfolio companies have a clean record with the regulatory agencies.  If you have previously been found in violation of U.S. securities regulations,  please do not waste our time by calling us.
  • No Start Ups,  Can be pre-revenue:  We will consider companies that are in the development stage or with limited revenue,  but we prefer not to work with start ups.  However we will make exceptions for the right business.

Public “Shell Company” Investment Criteria:

Coral Investment Partners will invest in companies that meet the following criteria.

  • Publicly Traded:  Either OTC BB, Pink Sheets, or Grey Market.  In some circumstance we will consider companies that have been delisted and currently do not have an active market.
  • No current litigation:  We will not invest in companies that have current, on going litigation.  All legal issues must be resolved, or controllable.

Coral Investment Partners requires the following:

  • Management Control:  We require management control over any corporation we invest in or loan money to, regardless of our ownership position.  We are flexible, and creative,  however we have limited partners we have to answer to; and our agreement with our limited partners requires that we have control over the restructuring and reverse merger process.

What we will not invest in:

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs):  There are better options for a REIT.  Contact us for more info.
  • Non-control positions:  This violates our charter, so please don’t ask.